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Welcome To the IOF (Institute of Firearms)

Before anything, the IOF only delivers awards to training partners using the finest instructors from around the world complimented with safest range conditions.

The Institute of Firearms is an awarding body, delivering the highest level of guidance and safety for recreational and tactical training within the private and governmental sector.
IOF is a non-profitable association with its objectives of philanthropy and social well-being.
IOF wrote the training manual for many of the modern weapons you see in today’s battle theatre and developed the best “weapon for battle” training programs using the most experienced and qualified instructors from around the world.
The Institute of Firearms (IOF) is a regularity body for firearms safety and shooting.
The IOF was formed due to the delivery of low safety and shooting standards from national and international firearms training providers.
The IOF Selects Training Providers of live shooting from around the world to become our members and thus, giving the end user the confidence and the knowing that such a range flying the IOF flag is safe and clean with the correct SOPs in place and an annual IOF assessor has been out to inspect the standards are met.
The board members are based on their recognition and experience within the firearms industry.
The board members are international subject matter experts in the field of firearms.
IOF Courses

Most popular for the private security contractor is the Combined Firearms

Pistol Courses
Rifle/Carbine Courses
Concealed Carry Courses
Close Quarter Battle Courses
E-learning weapons Courses
Marksman Courses
Iof Level 3 Weapons…Ciency
IOF Level 9 Swat
Private Security Contractors
PSC Boot Camp
IOF Level 3 Weapons
The membership and competitions

The IOF is a membership-based association and as such you will become an automatic member before you step foot on any live range.

The membership is based on a 12-month introduction and board acceptance based on our core values.

core values are safety and discipline, politeness, consideration, manners and protocol.

Once accepted you will belong to the finest shooting membership in the world.

Benefits of the IOF membership.
  1. Being part of this shooting fraternity
  2. Excellent awards system
  3. Professional and dedicated members
  4. Fantastic networking opportunities
  5. Worldwide competitions individually or in teams
  6. Showcase your skills to the world
  7. Become a name within the shooting world
  8. Free shoots
  9. Localised competitions
  10. Win shooting courses and/or shooting trips
  11. Become the very best and gain all levels for the lifetime membership elite.

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